Improved quality and reduction of costs thanks to app testing

Sogeti undertakes Application Testing for RSI (Régime Social des Indépendants).


Sogeti began application testing for RSI in November 2012 and the deal will close in November 2016. The client is located in multiple locations, Valbonne (close to Nice, South France) for the Application testing and qualification (third-party application acceptance) and in Strasbourg (East France) for technical Integration and qualification.  


Sogeti carries out Application Testing (third-party application acceptance) activities for RSI from our Testing Service Center located in Canejan (France). Our proprietary methodology ,TMap and Technical Qualification and Integration (IQ)  are the methods used for application testing. Our solution contains both a front and a back office. The front office (project management, integration and technical qualification) is located in Strasbourg, with direct client proximity and the back office (test environment management, and technical support for the application testing) within our Infrastructure Center Service based in Pessac (Bordeaux). The contract is on the basis of purchase orders with fixed-prices per year and per unit of work. The SLA are based on multiple deadlines (date of environment delivery, end date of qualifications, end date of third-party application acceptance).


The testing services provided by Sogeti resulted in industrialization of the testing activities for the client, construction of a test cases repository, quality Improvement for the client’s projects along with reduction of costs.

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    Maryse Nicli
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About RSI

The RSI formed in 2006 from the merger of welfare funds of entrepreneurs is a social security fund, administered by representatives of its policyholders, artisans, merchants and professionals. It performs a public service mission by managing compulsory social protection of over 6.2 million independent entrepreneurs and their beneficiaries.