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Sogeti SMART Workspace

Sogeti transforms Workplace Environments into High-Performance Platforms.

How happy are your employees? The ability to free up your people to easily collaborate, innovate, and work the way they want to work is a new measure of business success.

That’s because a contented workforce is a productive workforce. Happy employees are customer focused, enthusiastic, and committed to your brand.

The workplace is continually transforming. Digitization is dramatically changing the way in which we work (together). Technological innovations and new experiences continuously create new options, causing our ideas about work and cooperation to change accordingly. Organizations are also looking for opportunities to improve the productivity of knowledge workers whilst being secure.

Yet those same employees only want one thing: to be able to work (together) optimally on different devices, at any time and wherever they are.

Fueled by Windows 10, Sogeti’s SMART Workspace is a digital transformation solution that has the end-user at its core. By migrating your business to a digital, cloud-based, and multi-device platform, SMART Workspace meets the organizational need for a standardized, tightly controlled and secure workplace that’s easy to manage. At the same time, end users can use their own devices to do what they need to do, wherever they are.  

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When everything in the workplace centers on the end-user, your people are connected, productive, and happy.


Bring enhanced collaboration with applications that enable greater teamwork and a happy workplace.


Work from anywhere, with enhanced mobility solutions, keeping your employees connected and productive.

Reduced Costs

Better control of budgets with a pay-per-use model within our SMART Workspace


Seamlessly integrate new tools and future service capabilities with legacy systems, delivered via the cloud or by your on-premises platform.

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