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A Virtual Chatbot agent can help your business operations run smoothly. Our Bot Vendor Recommendation means guaranteed Right Intent to Right Bot and Integration with multiple platforms.

Chatbot as a Service - Accelerate your Chatbot Capabilities

In today’s connected world, customers want answers quickly. Our Chatbot as a Service offering enables you to provide a better customer experience quickly with an initial set of capabilities such as answering FAQs, collecting feedback and more.

Building a Chatbot with our “as-a-service” approach means you’ll get the capabilities and expertise required to build a proof of concept within days, so your chatbot solution can be implemented much faster.

Best of all, we have various categories of “as-a-service” bots available, which include targeted features in each category.

How We’re Different

Our easy and transparent service enables you to start your chatbot journey effectively and delivers various benefits:


Chatbot for Salvage Auto Auction Company

Client challenge

The Buyer Services team of a Leading North American Salvage Auto Auction Company receives over 250,000 calls annually and has an average wait time of nearly 12 minutes to respond to calls. After catastrophic events (like a hurricane or flood) the team gets service requests through multiple channels (website, live chat, email etc.) and the time to resolve requests goes up. Due to these issues, they needed a chatbot that handles some of the “routine requests” faster.


How we made value

Sogeti enabled a Chatbot to handle a Static Q&A, (i.e. FAQ, branch timings), Conversations & Context (i.e. decision-trees, where conversations get branched depending on response to a question), Transaction-enablement (i.e. performing an action through an internal web service call like resetting password). By setting-up external web service calls the chatbot can provide additional details, such as showing directions to a branch and sending emails with attachments of blank forms.


Sogeti impact

The Buyer Services team is now enabled to push customers to DIY alternatives, which can reduce their call-wait time or time spent in live chat. This reduced volume of “routine calls” means they can focus on issues that truly require human touch.


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Balaji Rajagopalan
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