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We provide the latest Robotic Process Automation capabilities and the expertise required to accelerate identifying and automating simple/complex business processes with no capital investment.

RPA Build as a service - Accelerate, Identify and Automate Business Processes

The Sogeti RPA Build as a service offering gives you everything you need to harness Robotic Process Automation capabilities and the benefits this brings.

Our flexible “as-a-service” approach means you get tried and tested infrastructure, a global talent pool and resources at no extra cost. We’re also technology agnostic, so no matter your legacy hardware – we can help.

How We’re Different

Our easy and transparent service enables you to start your intelligent automation journey effectively and gain the benefits of RPA.


Kelly Services


Kelly Services

Client challenge

Kelly Services, Inc, an American office staffing company that operates globally, needed to automate important processes like Employee Onboarding, for time efficiency, accuracy & ROI. They wanted to enhance their Digital Worker role and free up employee time for more analysis and automate non essential repetitive tasks to reduce errors and increase uptime.

How we made value

Sogeti implemented the RPA Build as a Service for Kelly and created a dedicated team (Onshore/Offshore). We worked with a Fixed Team Delivery Model and helped managed the industrialized delivery model to scale for development and Support/Hypercare.

Sogeti impact

We enabled a clear increase in time efficiency, accuracy & ROI for Kelly Services, meaning resources and cost savings.

Kelly Services


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Balaji Rajagopalan
Balaji Rajagopalan
Global Lead Automation & AI, Sogeti

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