Audit & Penetration Testing

Audit & Penetration Testing

We think like an attacker to see if your system is truly secure and use our global insight to ensure you are proof against the most recent threat profiles.

Audit & Penetration Testing – call the White Hats

Would you know if your IT system had been compromised? Our Audit & Penetration Testing service sees our experts push your security to the limit to find where there are any holes in your defence. Our aim is simple - think like an attacker and use our global insight to test your defences.

To make sure we’ve covered everything, we combine automated services with in-depth human analysis and focus on a defined critical perimeter for your business. This approach, along with our wisdom and experience from multiple ‘White Hat attacks’ across Europe, enables us to identify advanced persistent threats and reduces the risk of a missed attack.

You don't know what you don't know

The cost of failing to identify an attack has severe implications for your bottom line, from a loss of customer confidence through brand damage to potential theft of intellectual property, to enormous fines for data security non-compliance. We can help make sure this doesn’t happen.

Audit & Penetration Testing

Compliance First

Make your business compliant. We can provide SME’s, consultants and architects to help conduct a thorough risk analysis and implement security architecture. Our endpoint solutions are also part of the required setup for compliance to many regulations.

Audit & Penetration Testing

DevSecOps Alignment

We push the Security in your DevOps transformation. From security reviews of code, to scheduled penetration testing, to penetration testing on Mobile Applications manageable through API to Plugins for integration to CI/CD pipelines.

Audit & Penetration Testing

The Future Today

We have deep understanding of Next Generation detection technologies and of AI Security Solutions like IBM Watson for Cybersecurity.


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Jean-Marc Bianchini
Jean-Marc Bianchini
Global Head of Cybersecurity Services

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