Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 15/03/2022

15th of March 2022 - Winners of the 11th week : Redline, Emotet and NjRAT.

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Redline (NC)

Fake Valorant cheats on YouTube infect you with RedLine stealer

#ASEC security analysts, from #South Korea discovered a malware campaign that tries to exploit #Valorant game fame to lure victims.

Threat actor creates #Youtube content to promote a new auto-aiming cheat on this First Person Shooter (#FPS) and gives future victim a link to the package on, a file sharing platform, in the description of the video. The #RAR file contains an executable named “Cheat installer.exe”.

Malware campaign previously spotted in October 2021 led to #Raccoon or #Redline Stealer. This one is “only” leading to #Redline.

#Redline is an information stealer following a Malware-as-a-Service model (#MaaS) and running at least since 2020. It steals #credentials, #browser history, #credit card information, #vpn client configuration as well as taking desktop #screenshots or saving #keystrokes. The stolen information is packed and delivered to the threat actor using a #Webhook API post request to a #Discord channel. Redline also allows to execute commands on the victims’ machines and upload or download files.


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