Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 11/04/2022

11th of April 2022 - Winners of the 15th week : Redline, NjRAT and Emotet.

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Remcos (ID Mitre: S0332)

The Latest Remcos RAT Driven By Phishing Campaign

#FortiGuard Labs team analyzed a new campaign related to the latest version of #infostealer , #Remcos RAT (Remote Access Trojan).

In this campaign, threat actors try to establish initial access through phishing attachment related to a banking pay notification to lure victims. The email impersonates a trusted bank which delivers a password protected #Microsoft Excel file. This attachment will download the final payload with #Remcos  through #Visual Basic and #Powershell scripts, that will be running into a #RegAsm.exe process.

#Remcos continues to improve itself with the version 3.4.0 Pro replacing #RC4 by #AES-128 encryption. This encryption is used for configuration block where are stored #C2 information but also for the name attributed to the victim by #Remcos and many other flags used by the malware to start remotely automatic actions.

Even if #Remcos is considered as a malware because it is massively used by threat actors to remote control victims, it is a legitimate and commercial software sold on the main market since 2016.


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