Digital Experiences

Digital Experiences

We build low code, resilient Apps in a cost optimized model so the end to end digital experience is improved. Our Digital Experience Platform is an accelerator to support you.

Experience into profits

Our portfolio of offerings within Digital Experience has been built around your needs. For example, we deliver outstanding user experience and UI development and low code Apps you can release quickly. Then we help you to ‘win the click’ through SEO. Always it’s the experience that matters.

Omnichannel is key, and our Digital Customer experience platform is a next-generation content management system (CMS). It tracks the customer journey of activities, behaviours, interactions and locations throughout the entire lifecycle of a purchase. So it enables you to deliver targeted content and highly personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints.

We take care of it

In every element of what we do, we free you up to focus on what you do best. We’re always striving for ways to create better, faster, less labour intensive ways to deliver the experiences you seek.

Digital Experience

UX (User Experience)

From user and design research to content architecture and wireframes, we can create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

Digital Experience

App Development 

Whether it's a native app for iOS or Android or a hybrid approach for cross-platform performance, we offer mobile app development which provides genuine value to businesses.

Digital Experience

Low Code Apps

The less code that an application uses, the less bandwidth is required to download and run it. Because low code apps can be created much more easily than traditional applications, they can be released more quickly and at a lower price, or even for free.


A global power generation player


Client challenge

A global power generation, natural gas, energy trading, retail and distribution player needed a Digital Sales Process for new and renewal of Energy contracts. The client also wanted to relaunch their website using AEM Adobe CQ 6 incorporating features such as page, news, comment, social media collaboration, third-party integration like Nytta, Customer services, Kundos etc.

How we made value

Sogeti designed a solution based on the Adobe CQ5 Content Management Systems, extended by client-specific individual components. Sogeti developed over 140 components and 10 templates and a set of workflows to update/modify delete content and follow the approval process.

Sogeti impact

Standardization of the working processes and information access for employees and end-clients through the replacement of outdated technology by a state-of-the-art solution.


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Sogeti puts some of the most innovative, respected and high calibre experts in the digital world to work for you.

Jorik Abspoel
Jorik Abspoel
Global Head of Digital, Sogeti Group

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