TMAP® Test Management Approach

World-renowned TMAP® body of knowledge for quality engineering in IT delivery reflects the modern reality of software testing today.

Structured TMAP approach optimizes testing services and ensures business expectations are met.

TMAP is our world-renowned Test Management approach and body of knowledge. It describes a business-driven, risk-based methodology for structured software testing designed to address the key issues of quality, time and cost. It embeds the principles of quality engineering across the whole development lifecycle of solution delivery.

TMAP offers a comprehensive and consistent approach to project and program test management, execution and quality assurance.  Defects are identified earlier, timelines reduced by at least 30% and overall costs are driven down across the end-to-end test process.

Business-driven testing

TMAP ensures that overall quality targets are met or exceeded with:

  • A business-driven test management approach
  • A structured, yet flexible test process
  • A complete toolbox
  • An adaptive test method

Practical information, such as checklists, technique descriptions, procedures, test organization structures, test environments and test tools support consistency, standardization and knowledge transfer for high-performance IT delivery teams.


Our Experts

Our experts bring decades of experience in Testing, QA and Quality Engineering as they continue to evolve the TMAP body of knowledge to reflect today’s changing IT and business landscape.


Mark Buenen
Mark Buenen
Global Leader Quality Engineering & Testing, Capgemini Group
Rik Marselis
Rik Marselis
Principal Quality Consultant, Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti NL
Wouter Ruigrok
Wouter Ruigrok
Agile Quality Coach, Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti NL
Dennis Geurts
Dennis Geurts
Lead Software Architect at Sogeti Nederland
Berend van Veenendaal
Berend van Veenendaal
Expert Backend Developer, Sogeti

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