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Study Tour China - Beijing & Shanghai

30 March - 4 April 2019

The economic and digital developments in China are going very fast. You've been aware of that already of course, for instance by reading about the yearly sales records on 'singles day' in China. In 2018 the new record was set: Alibaba sold $30.8 billion of goods in one day.

In order to better understand the way digital life and economy is developing this study tour will provide you deeper insights.

ed sanderChina Expert Ed Sander will be our host companion that will shape the context of the Chinese platform economy and culture.

Guided City safari's in Beijing and Shanghai will make you experience China's hottest new retail formula's like unmanned stores.

Capgemini's consultants from our local operation in China will share business insights and their vision on digital China.

Startup culture in China is rising. How is it different from Europe and America?

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Day 1 - Departure from your country

Day 2 - Bejing

  • Visiting the forbidden city
  • Diner buffet official start program

Day 3

  • Chinese concepts and culture
  • Rise of Chinese customer
  • New Retail City Safari (JD Home, Xiaomi Everything store, Bingobox, JDX unmanned, Tmall intersport)

Day 4

  • Ecommerce, mobile payment
  • China's Future
  • Company visit
  • High speed train to Shanghai

Day 5 - Shanghai

  • Session @ Capgemini Invent Manufacturing in China Retail company perspective
  • Digital Influencers: Studio visit
  • Company visit

Day 6

  • Naked Hub Morning workshop
  • City Safari (Joy City, Xiao Hong Shu, Tmall Kerr & kroes, Hema, Auchan Minute Unmanned Store, RT Mart Fresh, Tmall babycare store, Taobao Xinxuan)
  • Goodbye diner @ HaidiLao

City Safari's
During the City Safari's in Beijing and Shanghai we will explore China's new business models, like Xiaomi. The way this Chinese smartphone maker is expanding into retail is making them one of the most discussed IPO's of 2018. It's called the Xiaomi Way. We'll visit all kinds of new concepts and experience how WeChat- and Alipay seamlessly are integrated in the shopping experience. All kinds of unmanned shops, like JDx and Bingobox, will be visited.


High Speed
Experiencing the High speed train from Beijing to Shanghai. A 1318 KM ride that takes you to Shanghai in 5 hours.


Learn about the startup scene in China from our colleagues from Capgemini Invent, visiting co-working spaces like "The Naked Hub" in Shanghai. Discussing incubator programs in China, the future of manufacturing and retail. And discuss your findings with your peers and the experts that you will meet during this study trip.


New Retail, the WeChat ecosystems and China's QR-code craze.

qr popular in china

Please book your flight to Beijing on March 30th, arriving March 31st. Return flight from Shanghai on April 4th the evening. If you would like to extend your visit you are welcome to do so.

Make sure your request for a visa to visit China starts in time. The process will take aprox. 10 working days. For more information please visit

Please click here to download and fill in the form for the invitation letter that is needed for your request and send it to

Travelling with a group we want to ask you to book the following hotels for your stay:

Beijing; Hotel Prime Wangfujing from March 31 2019 to April 2nd
Shanghai; Hotel Pullman Shanghai Skyway from April 2nd to April 4th.

Local travel and the High-Speed train from Beijing to Shanghai will be booked for you.

Hotel Prime Wangfujing    Hotel Prime Wangfujing

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