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Big savings and lower risk of application errors thanks to automated testing

Sogeti develops test automation for CallCredit.


CallCredit develops a lot of applications for software driven services in response to the market and of its clients, continuously adding features and functionality. Consequently, Callcredit focuses a significant amount of effort testing its products to minimise the risk of faulty code impacting on its activities. However, with strong growth and a corporate goal to continue to deliver innovative, market leading new services, Callcredit was struggling to meet product release deadlines. Callcredit approached Sogeti based on proven expertise and track record in supporting clients with the successful implementation of test automation. Sogeti also demonstrated deep technology and industry knowledge.


The project to automate a significant proportion of the regression tests workload would be broken down into three distinct parts. During the proof of concept, Callcredit worked closely with Sogeti to identify processes and look at how automation could help with a wider shift in the company to streamline not only testing but the end-to-end software development cycle as well as disaster recovery. The next phase involved setting up the collaborative workflow between the in-house test team and Sogeti’s onshore and offshore consultants to create the automated scripts. Sogeti took full responsibility for the coding of the automation scripts for the newly rationalised pool of test assets.


Over the space of a year, Sogeti has helped Callcredit to automate its regression testing in a project that has increased test coverage by 500%, execution coverage by 300%, and an associated man-day saving of £100,000+ per year. Automation is actively helping to significantly reducing the risk of application errors entering the “live” environments. Other key benefits include the ability to include more new functionality with each release, improved staff morale and productivity, early confirmation of build quality, fewer execution errors and associated investigation time caused by human error, and a full audit trail.

About CallCredit

Since its inception, Callcredit has grown rapidly across the fields of credit referencing, marketing services, interactive solutions and consultative analytics to enable businesses and consumers to make informed decisions assisted by its products.

The Group prides itself on its innovative services, developed in-house and delivered through multiple channels including the internet, telephone call centres and electronic data exchange systems.