secure data

Multiple security tests provide more efficient and robust products

Sogeti tests Netijam Technologies' systems in order to detect, identify and fix potential security isues.


The client wanted to provide to their customers a secure solution and ensure that the application SISNeT has no known vulnerability within the code or their own application into production.

Client engaged Sogeti for this project as Capgemini's is one of the top foremost brands and a good solution provider.

Sogeti’s findings revealed that the quality of the development in terms of security should be improved.


The service offered by Sogeti includes three complete cycles of review which in turn includes each of the following tests:

  • Security audit and code
  • Vulnerability Analysis Application

Other cycles can be request by the customer on demand. We (Sogeti Spain and Sogeti Luxemburg) along with Capgemini, delivered HP Fortify On Demand and, with the capabilities provided by the group in Luxemburg, we will be enabling Service delivery using Fortify on Demand.

Sogeti Spain will play the Technical Account Management (TAM). We have prepared a detailed technical report on vulnerabilities, conducted a code audit, and have also provided an Executive report.


The new programming practices will be included in the development lifecycle. This will help Netijam create efficient, robust products thereby improving their reputation among their customers.

  • Andrea Ozores
    Andrea Ozores
    Senior Sales Executive

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About the client

Netijam technologies is an engineering company leading software development and implementation of flexible technology solutions for the insurance and financial sector.

It collaborates with insurers and financial companies to offer value and comprehensive management solutions based on proprietary technology platforms and Internet-oriented. The fusion of a high degree of technological expertise with a deep knowledge of the insurance and financial business enables client to offer a full range of solutions, products and adaptable services to the specific needs and characteristics of each client, combining the advantages of the product enclosed with the custom development, at a competitive price.