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Empowering government organizations to be more responsive to their citizens by enabling a connected workforce.


This organization is a local government body in Europe that introduced mobility to the workplace and created a win-win situation for both citizens and employees. With a population thinly spread across a remote region, this local council knows the power of technology to help its geographically dispersed employees react quickly and effectively to meet the needs and demands of its citizens.

The council knew it had to mobilize its workforce but its ability to quickly adopt new technologies was constrained by the mix of operating systems in use at its 50 sites. Half of its 800 desktops ran the Microsoft Windows XP* operating system, which was approaching end of life, and the remainder ran Windows 7. Maintaining this mix of operating systems demanded two full-time ICT managers out of a 20-person ICT staff and it also made deploying new applications more time-consuming.


By enlisting the experience and services of Sogeti as its ICT partner, the council upgraded to Windows 8.1, the only operating system that could allow it to unify user experience across computer, smartphone and tablet. The council opted for hardware built on Intel processors and architecture, which would be powerful and robust enough to run full versions of Windows 8.1 on both desktops and tablets.


Upgrading all 800 desktops took less than three months and new deployments now take half the time. Desktop maintenance has been reduced by 80 percent (time that is now spent improving processes) and the council also needs 80 percent fewer physical servers thanks to a combination of increased confidence in the stability of the council’s operating system environment and more efficient memory utilization.

With a mobilized workforce, this government organization has seen productivity go up and greater satisfaction in its constituency for serving their needs quickly and effectively.

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