Sogeti's cloud solution ensures Pinkpop never misses a beat

Partnering with Sogeti and transitioning to AWS cloud technology, Pinkpop now benefits from a resilient and adaptable cloud platform.


Pinkpop music festival
Client: Pinkpop
Region: The Netherlands
Industry: Media and Entertainment
Offer: Cloud Services

Pinkpop is a renowned pop music festival that holds the distinction of being the world's oldest continuously running festival of its kind. Founded in 1970 in the Netherlands, Pinkpop has become a cultural phenomenon and a highlight of the international music festival calendar. The festival showcases a diverse range of musical genres, attracting both established artists and emerging talents.

Culturally, Pinkpop embraces a spirit of inclusivity, diversity, and celebration. The festival's core values revolve around creating a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy music. As technology evolves, Pinkpop recognizes the importance of keeping pace with digital advancements. As such, they aim to leverage innovative digital platforms and technologies to enhance the festival experience, engage with their audience, and provide seamless access to festival-related information.

Pinkpop music festival

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Resilient and secure IT solution

Pinkpop experiences high demand on its IT systems and website during key periods throughout the year. These include ticket sales, artist announcements, and during the festival itself. Maintaining uninterrupted access to the website is of utmost importance for Pinkpop's continued success.

To effectively manage the surge in website traffic, Pinkpop required a reliable and adaptable solution that can handle peak loads without the need to invest in additional servers. This solution would need to be flexible and secure.

Sogeti's managed cloud service

Pinkpop trusted Sogeti to develop and execute a cloud-first approach, leveraging the capabilities of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to seamlessly transition Pinkpop from their on-premises servers. Sogeti devised and established an AWS landing zone incorporating serverless elements, ensuring Pinkpop gains access to a resilient and adaptable cloud platform. Sogeti also implemented security measures to protect data and applications. This includes password complexity policies and multi-factor authentication.

Through seamless collaboration with Pinkpop, Sogeti crafted a user-friendly ecosystem that empowers Pinkpop to efficiently handle functional maintenance.

“With the scalable cloud setup, our platform now dynamically adjusts to accommodate website usage automatically. This way we are able to interact with our customers at the moments we need it the most, without worrying of a server outage.” 
Niek Murray - Festival Manager, Pinkpop

Cloud-enabled results worth celebrating

With the successful implementation of its cloud-enabled IT infrastructure, Pinkpop has realized advantages that not only meet but surpass the company's objectives of delivering enhanced transparency, resilience, and flexibility:

  • Manual communication is no longer a bottleneck for scaling the website's platform. With its serverless architecture, the platform dynamically adjusts to accommodate website usage automatically.
  • Leveraging AWS cloud technology and implementing a robust testing infrastructure has significantly enhanced the website's availability.
  • Security measures have been strengthened through constant security monitoring, timely patch updates, the utilization of multi-factor authentication, and a well-defined role-based access framework.
  • By delivering a comprehensive managed cloud service, Sogeti shoulders all infrastructure-related obstacles, freeing Pinkpop to concentrate on website content creation.

Pinkpop's ambitions for the future revolve around upholding their status as a premier music festival, continuously innovating to provide an unforgettable experience for attendees, while embracing sustainability to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

“The transition to Sogeti's cloud solution has worked very well for us. Previously, manual communication between us and the IT service provider was required to scale server capacity up and down. Because peak loads are sometimes unpredictable, the website's performance sometimes suffered during peak periods. Since we started cooperating with Sogeti, this challenge has been resolved completely. It's been a remarkable improvement.”
Niek Murray - Festival Manager, Pinkpop

"Together with AWS architects and engineers, we have built a scalable, Cloud-native platform in the AWS Cloud. The result is a fast, secure and scalable website, so that the website is always available to the Pinkpop public. This is crucial for Pinkpop because the website is the main means of communication with visitors to the festival. Sogeti's comprehensive cloud services has relieved Pinkpop of all burdens, enabling the customer to fully enjoy their festival experience."
Daan Kroonen – Business Development Manager, Sogeti Netherlands

"This assignment was exciting and challenging. We had extensive collaboration with Pinkpop, their parent companies, cloud engineers, security specialists and even legal experts. Apart from technology support, we played a key advisory role for our valued client, Pinkpop. Together, we've engineered an automated, scalable production environment that is deployed on the AWS platform through Terraform. I’m delighted to see the positive difference this made and that we as Sogeti have enabled this!"
Roel Weening - Senior Cloud Engineer, Sogeti Netherlands


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