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Telematics development for Leading European OEM

Sogeti helped the client in creating reusable assets, streamline code and usage of an advanced engineering process.


Customer wanted to develop a Telematics application across vehicle. They also wanted to develop entertainment use cases by creating Apps on Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS) and Head Unit (HTML5), in addition to development of Web Services for supporting the relay and functional logic and leverage advanced iot systems to analyze these data to move to advanced analysis, descriptive analysis to predictive analytics To view all of this information on user-friendly and simple interfaces.


Sogeti team works closely as a part of the customer team to develop reusable Test frameworks systems APIS and reusable code across various technologies. It provides various features and apps such as Remote Lock/Unlock, Park Assist, IP Radio (iHeart), Remote Diagnostics, Maintenance and Emergency Rescue and Navigation Testing – System, API, Test Framework for Smart Car, S/C-Class, cars for EU, NA, China Regions. The applications run on iOS and android.


Sogeti helped in creating reusable assets, streamline code and usage of advanced engineering process. A platform was created for test management for rapid release and to reduce time to market. Sogeti also helped the client comply to regulatory requirements.

  • Randhir Pandey
    Randhir Pandey
    Director at Capgemini, Bangalore