Skiing trail

Skiers get latest info about facilities and ski trails on mobile app

Sogeti develops Xamarin based app, Fritidsappen, for Umeå Kommun.


Umeå Municipality wanted to communicate service information to the residents of Umeå regarding ski trails and other facilities through a mobile app.


Sogeti developed a mobile app based on Xamarin called Fritidsappen, which contains information about leisure facilities in and around Umeå municipality. It entails information on sledding hills and cross country skiing trails in the winter to outdoor fireplaces and sandy beaches in the summer.

Some cross country skiing trails, beaches and other facilities also allows users to subscribe to a status feed. In that way, they will always know when the ski trails is prepared or the current temperature at sea.


Fritidsappen is extremely user friendly and possesses a vast store of information, making it easy to find anyone’s facility of interest within Umeå Kommun. The information is also dynamic which enables users to see the latest updates, for instance, if a ski trail has been sledded.

  • Mona Holmström
    Mona Holmström
    Account Manager
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About Umeå kommun

Umeå Kommun is one of Sweden's fastest growing cities. The average age of the 116,900 people who live in Umeå is 38. They intend to increase their numbers – the goal is to pass the 200,000 figure before 2050.

The city offers world-class art, drama, films, industries, music and research. It aims to attract more companies to set up base in the city and create new construction records.