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7000+ clinical devices connected with Sogeti's IoT platform

Sogeti provides Remote Monitoring Solution for US-based clinical solutions provider.


The client has more than 50,000 devices across US and more across the world.  Managing the entire Install base was cost and labor intensive. The client wanted to improve availability and up- time, improve response time and enhance customer satisfaction while reducing the cost of maintenance. They also wanted to get an insight in the product usage to ensure continuous improvement.


Sogeti did a Product requirement analysis, design specification and conceptualization. They developed a Remote Services Platform around ThingWorx. The machine data collected from the product was analyzed and processed and then sent to the Cloud. Sogeti also did data analytics and pattern mining on key product data for preventive  analysis.


The remote monitoring for complete systems, including various families of Patient Monitoring Devices and contributing sub-systems enabled 7000+ devices to be monitored over last 2 years. There was ~30% drop in first deployment issues. This increased the serviceability of the machine and improved customer satisfaction. It also provided inputs for continuous Product improvement.

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About the Client

The client is a global manufacturer of devices and technologies for vital sign measurement and cardiopulmonary devices.