World Quality Report 2016-2017

The new age digital customer is connected and demands information at his fingertips. Companies have to respond to the digital landscape with superior products and enhanced customer service. Quality Assurance and Testing will help companies to adapt to the digital revolution by reducing time-to-market, increasing security, performance and customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation - The core of business today

This eighth edition of the World Quality Report illustrates the impact of trends like Internet of Things, where organizations seek to disrupt with digital at an ever faster pace when it comes to Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing function, which is increasingly required to transform into a business enabler and secure client value from Digital Transformation programs.

This year’s research was conducted among 1,600 CIOs and IT and testing leaders from 32 countries across the globe. It reveals a shifting set of primary objectives for the QA and Testing function compared with last year. It’s a change that reflects a desire to stay close to the essential objective of testing, which is to prevent serious defects from reaching production, but always related to the higher objectives of customer value and business outcomes.

Current trends in Quality Assurance and Testing

  1. Digital Transformation continues to drive IT strategy and make itself felt in the QA and Testing function.
  2. Agile and DevOps continue to grow in adoption, with QA making a corresponding move.
  3. The emergence of Internet of Things functionality is a disrupting force with the potential to increase the impact of failure.
  4. The challenges around managing and driving down the cost of test environment management are growing.
  5. The continued requirement to find efficiencies at every level in QA and Testing remains evident despite this year’s success in containing costs.

World Quality Report – Key recommendations in order of importance

  • Invest in intelligent self-learning QA and Testing platforms for all areas of the application landscape
  • Adopt a QA approach for DevOps, agile and traditional – powered by enablement teams that help to truly shift left quality.
  • Invest in as-a-service solutions for test environment management, test data management, and test execution.
  • Develop Internet of Things-specific test strategies
  • Manage quality with simple balanced scorecards per Line of Business and per application or proces

 The full report

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