In the Architecture Office: Service-portfoliozation

Chief architect Herbert Birchbranch (called Herb in the text) has managed to apply the same architecture model on both projects and system maintenance objects. He also has realized that building an architecture practice is a continuous process which gains from every meeting with a stakeholder.

Jimmy got a concern

One day in February a technical project manager, Jimmy, invited himself to an architecture meeting. Herb thinks that every interaction with the outside-architecture-practice-world is important, so he gave him a 30 minutes slot on the agenda.

What Jimmy wanted to discuss was a big concern in one of his projects. He felt that the integrations being planned between two systems were designed in a completely wrong way. He had tried to get attention of this from the project manager and project team several times, but had been ignored every time. The architecture team agreed with him that the ways of handling integrations were very wrong according to the policies around integration...


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