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Mission Automate – A story of speed, agility & performance in a digitally disrupted world

Automating business processes is nothing new. After all, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been driving efficiencies and cutting costs for decades. So, what’s changed? Automation has grown up. It’s become smarter. How? By using data, continually learning, and adapting to process change.

Techflix 2 Series 1 Episode 3

Episode: Mission Automate – A story of speed, agility & performance in a digitally disrupted world

Length: 43 min


Are you ready for Intelligent Automation? It will take your organization beyond what you’re used to with RPA by introducing machine learning and cognitive computing. They combine to deliver a vital asset in the digital workplace – advanced analytics that unlocks the power of data.

This is automation that learns as it is exposed to more busines scenarios. Automation that understands the different nuances of your processes, enabling workflows and process steps to be diverted to the right person (or machine).

This episode examines how Intelligent Automation and data can keep your business future ready.

  • How does Intelligent Automation help to improve customer satisfaction with error-free processing?
  • What role does data play in Intelligent Automation?
  • How does a low-code, no-code platform, such as Microsoft Power Apps, enable automation to be built without a need to master program techniques?
  • How do you make your automation more adaptive so that it is constantly learning?
  • What are the implications of failing to automate your business processes?



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
Stephen Sicillano
Stephen Sicillano
Head of Power Automate, Microsoft
Balaji Rajagopalan
Balaji Rajagopalan
Global Lead Automation & AI, Sogeti

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