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Empowering developers to meet your customers’ demands for ‘Now & Wow’

Let’s face it, in these demanding times, your software developers are your most valuable asset. Many organizations going through digital transformations are adopting DevOps as their new way of working to help them meet the speed and innovation requirements demanded by a born-digital consumer. But adopting DevOps at enterprise level demands new ways of working and approaches.

Techflix 2 Series 1 Episode 4

Episode: Empowering developers to meet your customers’ demands for ‘Now & Wow’

Length: 43 min



Transforming IT into an enterprise-wide DevOps delivery model is not easy. Microsoft together with Sogeti have recently launched the ‘Enterprise DevOps Report 2020-21’. It reveals six key areas of enterprise-scale IT that face significant challenges as part of this DevOps transformation. We will be discussing  these six areas, product management, distributed and remote working, governance, quality, security, and compliance in this episode.

The report is based on the McKinsey Developer Velocity study (which yielded the Developer Velocity Index) and a research study involving Sogeti Cloud and DevOps practitioners.

The findings of these two studies have been combined to reveal key areas of enterprise-scale IT that face significant challenges as part of Enterprise DevOps transformation.

This episode will discuss:

  • DevOps for the rest of us – organizations not born digital musts navigate six challenges to avoid the transformation valley of death: Product Management; Distributed Teams and Remote Working; IT Governance; Quality; Security; Compliance
  • The most defining differentiator for top performing organizations trying to promote innovation and developer satisfaction
  • InnerSource – what role does it play in attracting new talent and as a mechanism for accelerated learning? Discover how an InnerSoure model breaks down development barriers between internal and external teams.



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
Martin Woodward
Martin Woodward
Director of Developer Relations, GitHub
Anne Christine Knudsen
Anne Christine Knudsen
Agile transformation coach, Sogeti

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