Total immersion

Total immersion

How immersive experiences and the metaverse benefit customer experience and operations.


Organizations are putting improvement of their customer experiences at the top of their agendas. Mixed reality, including augmented reality and virtual reality, has allowed companies to provide a differentiated customer experience. In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, Total immersion: How immersive experiences and the metaverse benefit customer experience and operations, we examine the potential and impact of these technologies.

As part of our research, we surveyed 8,000 consumers and 1,000 organizations across various sectors and geographies. We supplemented this research with in-depth interviews with executives and technology partners in this space, as well as social listening. We found that there is high customer interest in immersive technologies and organizations are able to benefit from these in their internal operations as well.

Looking to the future, the potential of immersive experiences is immense. Consumers are excited about immersive technologies, being particularly curious about the metaverse, and immersive experiences will ultimately help brands to differentiate their customer experience and strengthen their operations.

Several factors, however, are holding back the widespread adoption of immersive experiences and the metaverse. Significant concerns remain on the consumer side surrounding issues like privacy and safety, while organizations are faced with scaling challenges. In this report, we analyze the current state of immersive experiences in detail and also offer concrete suggestions for how organizations can develop and leverage them going forward.

Download the report to learn more about immersive experiences and the metaverse, as well as how organization and customers can benefit from these transformative developments. 


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