Cognitive document processing

Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Document Processing

AI Cognitive Document Processing is instrumental for key processes like KYC, Claims, Lending, Customer Onboarding and Title processing. We help you process unstructured data with our Cognitive Capabilities.

AI Cognitive Document Processing - Process Unstructured Data with Cognitive Capabilities

Are you looking for ways to improve accuracy, reduce operating costs and processing time to manage unstructured data with technology?

Our AI Cognitive Document Processing offering uses human like recognition, reasoning and learning to analyse structured and unstructured documents, including scanned and handwritten text using OCR/ICR, extract key phrases, define topics and more.

With human assistance, our service can learn to auto-fill forms/online documents using extracts from digital documents and generate text/reports.

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How We’re Different

Along with our proven methodology, we have a number of tools to help ensure your AI Cognitive Document Processing journey is as smooth as possible.


Helping a leading Auto Salvage Company

Client challenge

A leading salvage auto company needed help to automate the manual processing of paperwork involved in a cars title transfer. They also wanted to reduce human intervention in document processing to accurately and effortlessly classify the type of document and digitally extract relevant information from scanned documents.


How we made value

We deployed a cognitive document processing solution to effortlessly classify the documents and extract relevant information from scanned/digital documents. The volume of documents handled every year by the client is almost 10 Million and each transaction previously took several days. Using our deep technical expertise we built an AI/ML solution prototype that drastically reduced and automated this process.


Sogeti impact

During the project we created three POC’s and showcased of all three working business prototypes to ensure the client could have the right solution for their needs. We accelerated the process of title transfers, reduced operating cost and improved accuracy.


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No matter what future industry trends throw at you, our AI experts can help you to revolutionise how your business utilizes the latest technology.

Joakim Wahlqvist
Joakim Wahlqvist
Global CTO Data & AI, Sogeti
Arun Sahu
Arun Sahu
Global Technology Lead - Data & AI, Sogeti

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