Geo-satellite Intelligence

Geo-satellite Intelligence

What can AI and the open world of data bring to your business?

This is the question we ask ourselves in Geo Satellite Intelligence - GSI - which is Sogeti's latest investment in AI. With advanced cognitive image analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we push the boundaries and challenge business problems that have existed forever.

Geo-satellite Intelligence

What if you knew what it looked like everywhere on Earth? What could you do then? What would it mean for you to get the information updated every week? What if cloudy days do not affect the image quality?

GSI is based on open data from ESA (European Space Agency) where satellite images of various kinds are provided through the Copernicus program. By analyzing the broad spectrum of images available, industries such as transport, energy, forestry, insurance, and many more, are given new opportunities to streamline their core processes.

Hitting your mark

Geo-satellite Intelligence

Production ready AI

We infuse AI across the organization. Moving beyond isolated deployments, we industrialize AI to deliver at scale throughout the organization. Our globally-located teams create real world AI solutions. SMEs in different geographies worldwide work together to create solutions that accelerate AI deployment at our clients.

Geo-satellite Intelligence

Our Maker approach

Sogeti has developed a special framework for pre-processing, correction and advanced analysis of satellite imagery, and can, using Data Science, produce detailed maps that visualize your specific needs. With time series analysis we can detect changes that are desired, or undesirable, and alert when something happens.

Geo-satellite Intelligence

Think Globally

Sogeti is part of the Capgemini Group, meaning we have access to a global team of consultants and we’re using our knowledge from hundreds of implementations for your local answers.


Sogeti Sweden leverage AI to hunt spruce bark beetles

Client challenge

Large forestry areas are destroyed every year by spruce bark beetles. According to the national authority, Swedish Forest Agency, 3–4 million cubic meters of forests in Sweden were destroyed in 2018. Sveaskog, the largest forest owner in Sweden, owning 14% of Swedish forests, approached Sogeti for a monitoring solution.

How we made value

Sogeti's Geo Satellite Intelligence (GSI) uses advanced cognitive image analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and is based on open data from the European Space Agency (ESA). Sogeti adapted GSI to the forestry sector’s spruce bark beetle issue and, by using satellite images, enables Sveaskog to monitor the whole of Sweden and enable quick management of affected trees.

Sogeti impact

Sogeti's Geo Satellite Intelligence (GSI) has been able to point out areas in the forest that are currently under attack and successively point out newly affected areas.

Sveaskog can now swiftly manage the affected forest areas and reduce the spreading of the spruce bark beetle.




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