SAM Quality Assurance

Document Reviewer BOT

BOT that auto reviews a document on the basis of master template and preset rules.


  1. No review mismatch between test plan document & template
  2. Optimize the effort of reviewing documents
  3. Stakeholders get notified after completion of process.
  4. Reduction in processing time.
  5. Saves effort by removing inefficiencies & minimize human error.

Tasks Performed

  1. Fetches bot configuration from config file (excel document).
  2. Downloads input template and rules excel from Sharepoint portal (document management system).
  3. Extracts Master Template data from local drive.
  4. Compares input data template with master data template on the basis of rules present in the rule sheet.
  5. Sends the review result via email to the end user.
  6. Uploads the end result excel to the Sharepoint portal.

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Price is $ 8,000 USD one time fee

Get your BOT running in 5-10 business days

Sector: Any
Business Processes: Quality Assurance

Last Updated: 18 August 2020