SQL Query Validator and Report Generator

Helps validate SQL queries with a single click, and automatically sends out an e-mail along with the report thus generated. Compatible with MS Access and MS SQL.


  1. Simple and efficient way of validating SQL queries
  2. Provides a seamless way of looking up voluminous data from databases.
  3. Saves the trouble of navigating through MS Access or MS SQL, providing a simple and familiar interface
  4. Highly accurate and works 24*7

Tasks Performed

  1. Takes the SQL query and a validation criterion in terms of expected count in an Input Excel file
  2. Performs the SQL query on MS Access or MS SQL, with a single click on the Ui Path platform
  3. Returns in an Output Excel file, if the query has passed the validation criterion or not
  4. Subsequently, e-mails the generated report from the SQL query to the user; which is also available in the Output Excel File

Bot Platform


MS Access and MS SQL


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Price is $ 8,000 USD one time fee

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Business Processes: ITSM

Last Updated: 15 June 2020