Agile Security - DevSecOps

Agile Security - DevSecOps

Strengthen your applications by effectively identifying and removing critical vulnerabilities – without slowing the pace of change down in your transformation.

Agile Security - DevSecOps

Your customer’s user experience in todays connected world is driving DevSecOps transformation. More rapid releases of new applications on new web and mobile channels that hold sensitive corporate and customer data brings challenges we can solve.

Contrary to what people expect DevOps can actually make systems more secure. Adopting DevOps, with its fast release cadence, will result in tighter system control that will be compliant with security guidelines and which can stand-up to the modern day hacker. Automated vulnerability scanning is also an important part and a benefit DevOps brings to system development alongside automated provisioning

Our Agile Security – DevSecOps services can stop cyber security incidents turning into financial loss or reputational damage by assessing the security levels of your applications against the market and addressing any gaps or issues.

Powered by HPE Fortify on Demand, our services require no hardware or software investment. They embrace different levels of risk, from simple marketing sites, to internal and external business applications.

Identify and Remove Critical Vulnerabilities

With more than 80% of attacks targeted at applications, the digital enterprise is more vulnerable than ever. Our processes focus on securing your assets both today and in the future, through preventive methods and best-in class technology.

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