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Theme: In Pursuit of Digital Happiness

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Over the last decade digital technology has pervaded every aspect of our lives. Whether it is shopping, following world events, forming an opinion, organizing our financial affairs and even helping us find our life partner; the internet with all its magical apps enhances our lives in every imaginable way. The whole world seems just a swipe away. But with all these apparent benefits, most have not stopped to ask: does technology make people happier?

“In Pursuit of Digital Happiness”

Tremendous achievements in the field of artificial intelligence are quickly transforming organizations towards algorithmic businesses that mine every bit of data for valuable insights regarding our lives to anticipate our next move. These businesses are putting more and more emphasis on the customer journey with the intent to amplify the digital comfort of their clients.  But we must realize that beyond the technological marvels and behind the digital enterprise there is always a human being, simply in pursuit of his or her desires.

Customers are taking control of their own Digital Happiness Ecosystem. Yes, buying on-line has become leisure, staying in touch with friends without social media would be a nightmare and life without a physical wallet has become so much easier. But using these services also subjects us to constant surveillance and analysis which can easily become uncomfortable and could alienate us from the modern businesses that try to serve our every need. Since the possibilities of digital are so overwhelming, people face challenges and must make difficult trade-offs.

In this arena, full of paradoxes, the happiness of the individual must be the guiding principle. Many questions arise when we think of the algorithmic enterprise becoming the guardian of their customers’ digital happiness:

  • Why should you take your customers digital happiness moments as the core of your corporate strategy?
  • How does your organization remain part of the digital happiness ecosystem of your customer?
  • How do you guide your algorithmic business through the  paradoxes of the overwhelming technological possibilities?

These are the questions that we will explore at this year’s Executive Summit. We will bring together a group of visionary thought leaders and executives from many different industries for a strategic dialogue to develop a perspective on ‘digital happiness’.

It is with great pleasure that Sogeti’s Executive Management cordially invites you to attend the Twelfth Annual Sogeti Executive Summit that will take place in Brussels in THE Hotel, Waterloolaan 38, Belgium on November 9-10, 2017.

The Sogeti Executive Summit will start with a lunch on Thursday, November 9, and will end after lunchtime on Friday, November 10.


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Interested in finding out more about the world of digital happiness or would like a workshop on understanding the role you play in the Happiness Ecosystem of your customer ? Just let us know:

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    Michiel Boreel
    Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
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    Menno van Doorn
    Director of VINT
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