OneMigrate: Modernize and migrate legacy applications

Enabling end-to-end application migration to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

From better data security, to better adaptability, agility, and improved business performance, organizations across the globe are embarking on their cloud journey. Running workloads and applications in the cloud has become an essential component for many businesses.

Modernizing and migrating applications to the cloud requires careful assessment, planning, and project management. Organizations need to partner with experts who understand their business challenges as well as their unique opportunities. Sogeti and Microsoft have the proven expertise to ensure that the migration is optimized to each organization’s business needs in a planned and rational way.

Sogeti’s OneMigrate solution also uses automated migration tools to ensure you rapidly benefit from the move to Microsoft Azure.

By putting applications and data center on Azure, organizations can, rehost, refactor, revise or rebuild workloads to cloud IaaS or PaaS, depending on their business need. We support the volume migration of your legacy apps with three key steps.

  • We work with you to identify what to migrate first, the risks you might face, and the values you can expect from the move.
  • We help to inform how you balance financial optimization versus the speed of optimization.
  • We ensure your migration is optimized and aligned with business needs.

These steps enable us to identify the best migration path suited to your organization. Do we Rehost, Refactor, Revise or Rebuild?

Rehost workloads to cloud IaaS as they are:

  • Workload migrations are copied and pasted to accelerate migration to Microsoft Azure.
  • These are run as-is in the cloud with limited or no changes.

Refactor workloads to cloud through automated cloud migration:

  • Workloads are migrated as an automatic deployment/redeployment with an orchestration platform and automated release management pipeline.
  • All automated infrastructure operations are made available through a self-service portal.
  • Applications and changes are built through a release pipeline and operated with automation.
  • A landing platform enables microservices (containerization), while both DevOps practices and a CI/CD pipeline are implemented.

Revise or Rebuild of workloads to cloud within a DevOps approach:

  • Applications are developed and automatically deployed with an orchestration platform and automated release management pipeline.
  • Runs new applications and changes to be deployed through a release pipeline and operated with automation.

A landing platform enables microservices (containerization), while both DevOps practices and a CI/CD pipeline are implemented.

How do you benefit from OneMigrate?

We Discover, Assess, Prepare, Migrate and Run your modernized applications and workloads in the Microsoft Azure cloud – both legacy and cloud native.

By migrating applications and workloads to the cloud you can reduce IT infrastructure operations costs by more than 35%, improve security and availability for your infrastructure operation, and take advantage of better scalability with capacity elasticity, demand driven project by project. The following benefits can be achieved.

  • Remove migration constraints.
  • Reduce OpEx, improve business IT velocity, and increase faster time to market.
  • Move simple workloads quickly through project phases to deliver early ROI.
  • Benefit from the secure assessment, preparation, and migration of complex, business-critical workloads to Microsoft Azure.
  • Ability to extend and reuse capabilities.

Gain from Sogeti’s collaborative team of Microsoft Azure experts.

Customer success

A large American global food processing and commodities trading corporation benefits from Sogeti IaaS and PaaS offering leading to reduced time to migration and reduced costs by 30% while allowing high availability, scalability and security of the data center.

The challenge:

The client wanted to upgrade databases running on SQL2008 version to newer versions on cloud (Azure) as the support for older version would soon cease, hence speed of the migration was key. The applications which were consuming these databases also needed to be migrated onto cloud.

The solution:

After completing a detailed assessment of the application landscape, the SQL databases were migrated to Azure. Using Sogeti’s OneMigrate approach the customer was able to leverage the latest technology to achieve the following benefits:

  • Over 300GBs of data migrated onto the cloud
  • Using pay as you use model and services like azure blob storage and containers, the customer realized significant savings and cost reductions
  • Higher availability and scalability using Azure PaaS services
  • Higher security using Azure AD
  • Rehost and refactor to Azure IaaS VM using Azure Site Recovery and scripts

Sogeti’s collaborative team of experts will work with you to properly assess and prioritize which workloads to move and when, depending on their complexity. Sogeti expertise will guide you in the careful planning of each migration so you can benefit from the better use of resources in running your applications in the cloud.

That’s not all. Find out how we accelerate cloud-native application delivery with OneNative and Microsoft Azure.

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