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INOWAI success story

INOWAI transforms to a public cloud ready organization.

"Sogeti helped us migrate from full on-premises to full public cloud in record time making INOWAI one of Luxembourg’s first public cloud ready companies! We now have a solution that perfectly suits our needs, transforming INOWAI into a fully mobile company leading to happier employees, greater efficiency, collaboration and increased security, ready to face the digitalization of the world!"
Jean Nicolas Montrieux, COO & Partner INOWAI


Customer: INOWAI

Industry: Commercial and residential real estate

Location: Luxembourg

Customer challenges / Business need:

  • An aging infrastructure meant that INOWAI lacked the agility it needed to meet employee and client expectations
  • Shadow IT was prevalent across the end user base, causing potential security concerns
  • The group wanted to move to the cloud but had no internal IT resources/skills in this area
  • With many mobile employees, INOWAI was looking for more powerful and secure tools and devices to support productivity in the field

How we made value

Sogeti’s initial task was to take INOWAI through the cloud journey to ultimately move them from a fully on-premises landscape to a fully public cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure and Office 365. This complex project resulted in Sogeti advising INOWAI to migrate in two phases: first using a hybrid on-premises/cloud environment and next fully migrating to cloud.

The migration was completed in under four months. That’s not all. As part of the transformation, INOWAI worked with Sogeti to implement a new cloud based DMS to drive efficiency in its document sorting and management.

The success and speed of the migration led to the project scope being further extended. INOWAI wanted to equip its entire workforce with mobile computing capability, moving all its on-premises workstations from thin client to a combination of Microsoft Surface Pro devices and Lenovo notebooks.

The Microsoft Surface Pro devices and Lenovo notebooks – equipped with Intel 8th Generation processors – have a reputation for both power and security. INOWAI’s employees are now information-rich when they are out of the office. Easy remote access to INOWAI’s data stored in the cloud gives them the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, keeping them productive and satisfied with their new versatile workplace tool.

Sogeti impact

For INOWAI, as one of the first companies in Luxembourg to host all its IT in the public cloud, the end-to-end migration to Microsoft Azure has made it future ready for a digitalized world of capabilities and opportunities including:

  • A full on-premises to full public Microsoft cloud migration delivered in under 4 months and on budget
  • State-of-the-art robust mobile tools – Microsoft Surface Pro (with Intel® 8th Generation Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 Processors) – providing additional security features
  • Document Management System (DMS) on the cloud for increased efficiency, greater collaboration and cost savings
  • Migration to Office 365 and Windows 10 created happy employees that were more efficient in their client-facing activities through better collaboration and the freedom to work anywhere, anytime


Download the INOWAI case study PDF below to read more.





Listen to Jean-Nicolas Montrieux, COO & Partner at INOWAI explain the challenges INOWAI faced and how, working in collaboration with Sogeti, they migrated successfully to the cloud.

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