Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Our ability to deliver on point analytics and insights drives our client success. We sit where your customer sits, so you can respond with automated solutions based on correct tagging.

Personalization & Optimization

Offering true personalization has long been the ‘silver bullet’ of CRM. Sogeti enables you to bring your customers tailored content, campaigns and product recommendations based on browsing behaviour, purchase history, demographics and a host of wider inputs. We call it ‘Customer 360’ and it gives you that unified view of your audience that drives profit.

Consulting to Implementation

We go from end to end. We sit with you to come up with your personalization strategy. We go from there to finding and building your Minimum Lovable Products. We handle the integration of multiple data sources and tagging them for personalization, and then we launch the personalization and campaigns.


A global consumer goods corporation


Client challenge

The client, a global consumer goods corporation, has a wide portfolio of brands. Research showed that 70% of hair care consumers wish the aisle was more interactive and engaging. While most consumers buy across brand, the client had no way of leveraging the portfolio of brands together.


How we made value

Sogeti led architecture and led the UX for the technology – a React front end hosted in Blob Storage using Azure functions for microservices and Cosmos DB for data storage.

The solution begins with a questionnaire then identifies a personally curated set of products, locates them in the store (or online), and connects consumers with other people with the same hair type.


Sogeti impact

From innovation to implementation, through partnering Sogeti the client was able to deliver an enhanced gamified user experience that drove results.



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Jorik Abspoel
Jorik Abspoel
Global Head of Digital, Sogeti Group

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