The “Great Migration”

A collaborative journey from data centers to cloud services

Financial services firms need to be more agile now than ever to respond to the complex business landscape. To thrive in this ever-evolving environment, a digitized infrastructure is essential.

However, financial institutions are heavily invested in legacy infrastructure that is not flexible or scalable, posing challenges in terms of time to market, cost of operations, and security risk.

We recommend a hybrid, multi-cloud setup to digitally transform the core while optimizing the cost base. Hybrid cloud has the potential to replace large capital expenditures with recurring monthly expenses (capex to opex). What’s more, hybrid cloud environments offer more security when compared to on-premises infrastructure.

We understand that cloud adoption is not a one-time investment/engagement, but rather a complex, multi-year commitment with a lot of moving parts. Your IT investments should be guided by your business ambitions. Whathow, and when to move applications, middleware, and platforms? Public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid?

Before embarking on the cloud migration journey, businesses need to have a clear business case and understand the risks. Our experts recommend a phased approach with clear goals and objectives to enable your firm’s digital hybrid future.

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