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"You can take initiatives and get a lot of support."

From a one-man show at a fashion company, to test management of apps and web solutions. Alen Music is passionate about assuring the quality of a customer’s products from the point of view of the user, and is happy to talk about his current project: testing a product based on sensors.

Alen MusicUse three words to describe yourself: Curious, positive, problem-solver.

Tell us a bit about your background: I was born in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and came to Sweden in 1993. My interest in computers started when in 1988 I got my first computer, a Commodore 64. I worked for many years at a company, in many different roles, for example system administrator, DB security administrator, and network technician. It wasn’t until I got interested in quality assurance and test that I switched over to the life as a consultant. Before I came to work at Sogeti I worked as a consultant for another company.

My career at Sogeti: After a week at Sogeti I was sent on assignment to a fashion company, where I was put in charge of development, quality assurance and management of a very interesting support system for their finance department. It turned out to be a one-man show. The assignment lasted two years. After that I’ve worked with test management/testing in a variety of fields, using different technologies from apps to web solutions.

What are you most passionate about in your area of expertise? A good test strategy with a good processor. To assure the quality of the customer’s product from the point of view of the user.

What is a typical workday like for you? My current project is just starting up, so my days are spent pitching ideas of test strategies, and building a test center using different tools, such as Jira. When it’s time to test, it will be really fun and rewarding, since we’re testing an exciting product, based on sensors (motion, door, smoke, and so on).

Why have you chosen to work at Sogeti? Sogeti is a large, global, company, but has the feel of a small company, where most people know each other, and you’re allowed to be seen and to take center stage. It is a work place where you’re allowed to take initiative, but where you can also receive a lot of support, should you need it.

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    Alen Music
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About Alen

Name: Alen Music
Title: Tester/Test Manager
Year of birth: 1981
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Family: Wife
Hobbies: Family & Friends, Cars, IoT, anything technology-related.