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Easier access to information for travelers to plan their journey with ÖstgötaTrafiken

Sogeti develops responsive website using EPiServer.


ÖstgötaTrafiken wanted to develop a new web site that could better serve their customers independent of customers’ current position. With many mobile customers requiring instant and accurate information, a user friendly web site was very important and required.


ÖstgötaTrafiken chose Sogeti to design and develop their new web site on EPiServer Platform. The project started off with a user study in order to analyze user’s requirements through user tests, using prototypes, in order to study how well the new design supported easy navigation.

The development  followed using SCRUM methodology with several deliveries so that the customer could quickly test and verify the produced material and  adapt planned production.

Since user needs were on top priority in the new information structure & design, ÖstgötaTrafiken chose a responsive design. A  number of new solutions were implemented, e.g. an electronic bus stop sign , using which one could easily see upcoming departures from the closest bus stop. For “My Pages” and the online store, ÖstgötaTrafiken chose to replace their current Single Sign On-solution to a CAS-solution towards EPiServer.


The website was highly appreciated by users since it provides all travelers with information around their travels independent on device. Jonas Land, webmaster (ÖstgötaTrafiken), says, “By having the new site adapted to mobiles and tablets, a lot more of our travelers have the possibility of getting the latest information from us, fast and easy. Working with user driven development has made us more sure of the fact that we are fulfilling customers needs. This is highly important for us so that our customers will have a safe and smooth journey”.

  • andreas sjöström
    Andreas Sjöström
    Vice President Digital/ Chief Innovation Officer
    +46 70 609 85 13

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About ÖstgötaTrafiken

ÖstgötaTrafiken is a public transport company responsible for public transport and the mobility service in Östergötland, Sweden.

ÖstgötaTrafiken provides transport by bus, train, tram and boat and their customers make more than 27 million journeys every year.