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Your One-Stop Shop for Testing and Application Development.

Sogeti’s newest application development and testing platform, OneShare for Test, is the most comprehensive solution and toolset for testing services. With an unrivaled assortment of tools, and service offerings, and all the benefits of Microsoft Azure, developers are testing their apps and ensuring quality with greater agility and cost efficiency than ever before.

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A comprehensive Testing Platform

OneShare for Test is a rich cloud platform that provides a fast, flexible, and continuous test environment. With OneShare you can:

  • Easily manage and duplicate complex test environments
  • Compress test automation cycles and scale for efficiency
  • Gain real-time insights into data, costs, and project status
  • Provision new test environments in a matter of hours

The Right Test Tools and Processes

To ensure you have the tools you need when you need them, Sogeti uses a premier set of HPE integrations, and their partnership with Microsoft, to provide the ideal suite of world-class testing tools.

  • Decrease time to market and improve quality assurance through HPE’s Quality Center, Security Center, and ALM resources
  • Decrease overall test time and cost to deliver through the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Azure

OneShare Testing Services and Support

Sogeti’s unique set of testing services can ensure that OneShare for Test is optimized for your specific and unique needs:

  • Trained and certified professionals offer on-premises, remote, and international support
  • Upgrade and optimize existing tools and systems
  • Access to Sogeti’s TMap and PointZERO methodologies to mitigate risk and increase testing efficiency

How OneShare Helps

Your company’s ability to compete is often tied to your ability to build innovative, high quality applications, and deliver them to market fast and with confidence. OneShare for Test, as a component of Sogeti’s comprehensive application development offering, ensures your testers have the tools, agility, and scale they need to move fast and do their work efficiently.

In addition to testing, OneShare can also help with your ALM and DevOps initiatives. 
Learn more on the full OneShare core capabilities.

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