What Matters Now

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The format might have changed, but the content is as thought provoking and informative as ever. We’ve lined up some visionary change agents to help us answer the question ‘What Matters Now!’ as we all face up to the short- and long-term global impacts of COVID-19.

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In just a few months we have seen a tremendous amount of improvisation and creativity keeping our organizations going. This astounding achievement is a demonstration of the inherent capability of organizations to move fast and be bold in times of crisis.

What’s clear is that, under pressure, everything becomes fluid; resistance to change is instantly overcome by absolute necessity. We’ve also seen that the digitization of many industries has not slowed, rather it is accelerating everywhere.

What Matters Now

Navi Radjou
Re-imagine the conscious society

What’s the shape of the recovery? The inner work that is needed to recover will lead organizations into new directions. We’re used to concepts like B-to-B and B-to-C, but we really need to focus business-to-society.

What Matters Now

Marcus du Sautoy
Re-design for Alpha-Go

We all know AI will define how business will be run in the future. Recent breakthrough in AI creativity surprised us clearly. Creative machines? Yes indeed. Definitely some unconventional thinking is needed to have this applied in your organization. Let our specialist, professor Du Sautoy, guide you through AI’s new capability.

What Matters Now

John Kao
Re-organize for agility

We're all suddenly aware of how surprises can change markets and the future of organisations. Anticipating change is a competence that is lacking for most organizations. How do we re-organize to become agile? And what can we learn from Jazz musicians?

What Matters Now

Ruth Andrade
Re-generate, leaving the world lusher

Whatever we decide to do, somewhere along the line regenerative business will hit your organization hard. The ‘going back to normal’ is unthinkable. Young generations of clients and employees will be setting the agenda. What can we learn from an organisation that is riding the wave of extreme engagement in our planets future. And how does regenerative play out in HR and culture? 


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