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New Intranet and mailbox solution provided modernized environment

Sogeti develops Intranet based on Office 365 for a public service organisation in Luxembourg.


The client wanted to implement an Intranet based on Office 365 along with migration of mail boxes to Exchange Online. 


Sogeti was chosen for both these tasks. The project has been split in 4 main phases:

  1. It began with proof of concept to validate the functional requirements of SharePoint Online to a specific business case called “Members ‘Requests”. This phase was dedicated to requirements gathering, feasibility study, scope definition and analysis.
  2. Second phase was migration of mail boxes towards Exchange Online
  3. The third phase of the project consisted in training all administrators and power users to Office 365 and specifically SharePoint Online Administration
  4. The last phase aimed to help powers user to apply best practices around SharePoint Online (Information Architecture) and migrate all their existing contents to the document management system of SharePoint Online


Despite limited budget and lack of IT resources, Sogeti developed an ECM solution, totally integrated in the client environment and O365 standard functionalities exceeding client expectations. 

  • Nico Bourdeau
    Nicolas Bourdeau
    Alliance Manager Microsoft, Sogeti Luxembourg
    +352 31 44 01
  • Patrice Froment
    Patrice Froment
    Branch Manager at Sogeti Luxembourg
    +352 31 44 01