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New website brings more visitors and higher conversion rate

Sogeti develops website with Responsive Web Design for a political organisation in Sweden.


The client’s external websites had a continued growing number of visitors through smart phones and tablets but the design and content of the websites were not optimized for the different devices. Hence users could not find the right information when using a smartphone. The client has very high demand on availability on its sites, so a project was initiated to make sure the websites were rebuilt to adapt to different devices.


Sogeti first conducted a pre-study to evaluate if the current sites and content could be converted to a new responsive web design. Because of the amount of editor created pages (>100 000 pages) that had a lot of content (such as Flash-movies, fixed tables, embedded objects, iframes, etc) which were impossible to convert to fit into a responsive web, Sogeti recommended building a complete new website with a new responsive web design. The solution was built using EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Find with a modern responsive user interface using HTML 5 and CSS3.


The new website was launched in June 2014 and can be accessed with any device. The mobile and tablet visitors continue to increase and now these users have a higher conversion rate and will visit a lot more pages compared to the old site.

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