Web Application and Server Health Check

Designed to automatically carry out periodic health checks for web applications and servers, with automated timely reports received on e-mail to make sure you’re always updated.


  1. Higher efficiency achieved in the process of carrying out periodic health checks
  2. Frees up valuable time of employees so that they can focus on more productive tasks
  3. E-mail notification capabilities which instantly highlight when a website or server is not functioning properly
  4. Available 24*7

Tasks Performed

  1. Takes the application website URL, server address and user details in an Input excel file
  2. Performs health checks on web applications and servers, ensuring smooth functioning
  3. Generates reports in an output excel file, mentioning the status and remarks on the health check
  4. Sends an e-mail to the user along with the output report highlighting non-functional web applications and servers, if any

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Bot Platform


Performs Test on Internet Explorer only


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Price is $ 5,000 USD one time fee

Get your BOT running in 5-10 business days

Sector: Any
Business Processes: ITSM

Last Updated: 15 June 2020