Sogeti Thinkubator

Sogeti Thinkubator brings new digital technologies to life, such as AI, Blockchain and Cognitive Services, by rapidly building prototypes that deliver real business value

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to speed up both the innovation process and time to market. Yet, researchshows many organizations are running before they can walk. Instead of focusing on easy-to-implement use cases with a quick return to value, they are jumping straight to some of the most challenging AI use cases. The Sogeti Thinkubator leverages new technologies to turn opportunities into business prototypes fast. These include chatbots, image recognition, microservices and blockchain. 

To be innovative you also need the speed to back it up and get to marketfast. The Thinkubator approach makes  this happen. It has been designed as a 4-step, 6-week innovative process that replaces the traditional Proof of Concept with a Minimal Lovable Product (MLP) as a working business prototype. The program, which was developed by SogetiLabs, incorporates technology experts, combined with in-house methodologies, accelerators and IP's. Sogeti also leverages its Global Partnerships with IBM and Microsoft. 


Innovate faster 

The four Thinkubator steps are: 

1. Identify your top 3 busness scenarios / challenges

2. Interrogate the challenges, select and scope the most viable solution and associated technology 

3. Investigate in order to validate the solution 

4. Iterate to build a live service or product in a DevOps and continuous development approach


The Sogeti Thinkubator enables our clients to: focus on the value of the business in a specific context; avoid wasting time in making technology work; take advantage of existing technology platforms; and deliver a working business prototype fast. 

Want to know more? 

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