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Cognitive QA services

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for faster and higher quality software assurance.

Quality validation, end-to-end customer experience validation and testing of applications across a myriad of devices and platforms makes for a complex challenge for most organisations today. The latest World Quality Report 2017 shows that 99% of organization face challenges with quality validation in agile projects and that only 16% of test activities are automated. This approach is not sustainable and is not suited to solve today’s increasingly complex Quality Assurance challenges.

Expert experience alone is not sufficient to be prepared. Additional sources of intelligence need to be leveraged. Innovations in analytics, artificial intelligence, and data sciences allow organizations to spot areas of inefficiencies and remove them before they impact and also provide insight on business processes and approaches that can be improved that were not visible before.

We are combining our market leading capabilities in Digital Assurance and Testing with our rich Analytics and Cognitive Services to accompany our clients on their journey towards Future Proof QA.

Predicting the unpredictable is one of the key principles that the Sogeti Cognitive QA approach has been designed around. We want to challenge the established approach That allows for finding the unexpected and removing the irrational.

Our offer

With Cognitive QA we leverage self-learning and analytical technologies to allow Predictive QA Dashboards, Smart QA Analytics, Intelligent QA Automation and Cognitive QA Platforms.

Cognitive QA Value proposition

cognitive qa

With Cognitive QA we:

  • Enable our clients to achieve accelerated and optimized quality, by using an intelligent approach to QA
  • Inject intelligent, self-learning and analytical technologies which enable transparent visualization, smart analytics, intelligent automation and cognitive remediation of quality of products and services
  • Enable smart quality decision making on factual project data, actual usage patterns, and user feedback
  • Deliver quality with speed in a complex and connected world at optimized cost.


Webcast: Start your cognitive QA journey with our experts

Whether you are just starting your journey to Cognitive QA or are already underway this 20 minute webcast by two of our Digital Assurance & Testing experts, Mark Buenen and Andrew Fullen, will provide useful insight into the key steps and ingredients you need to consider to ensure you deliver an optimised approach.

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  • Mark Buenen
    Mark Buenen
    Head of Global Digital Assurance and Testing
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