Our Digital Assurance & Testing Offerings - An Overview

Assure customer value and business performance in the digital enterprise.

Sogeti’s Digital  Assurance & Testing services assure you of increased customer value and achieving measurable business outcomes from both your  digital  transformation programs as well as the development and maintenance of your traditional core IT systems. 

Our Digital Assurance and Test Portfolio

Sogeti offers leading edge Digital Assurance and Testing solutions and services:

  • Industrialized Managed Testing Services for running and optimizing your Testing and Quality Assurance processes with commitments for year on year performance improvements.
  • Test Automation Services to implement end-to-end QA and test automation solutions across the lifecycle from design to production, integrated in the pipeline, to improve quality coverage and speed of software delivery.
  • DevOps and Agile Quality Services for concrete validation solutions that enable your agile teams to increase the velocity of IT with right levels of quality. 
  • Digital Testing Services to validate operations, performance and user experience across multiple devices and channels.
  • Cognitive QA - Leverage Artificial Intelligence solutions and smart Data Analytics solutions to optimize and robotize your QA and test activities.
  • Specialized Testing Services, such as SAP Testing, Cloud Migration Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Test Data Services, Test Environment management Services, product testing and validation. 

Value we bring

Through our professional QA and Test services we bring you concrete value:

  • >20% increase of test velocity
  • >30% reduced total cost of testing
  • <1.5% severe defects in production
  • Dedicated QA and test experts, skilled in state-of-the-art test techniques and test automation technologies with development skills available onshore, nearshore and offshore.
  • Onshore, nearshore and offshore Test Delivery Centers that can deliver test as-a-service.
  • Proven Test Automation Frameworks and other Test Accelerators that speed up the leverage of third party and open source test tools.


    Proven standards and techniques for test planning, test design and test execution, based on TMap® integrated in your delivery model.
  • Access to our thought leadership, and continuous innovation programs in QA and Test, such as World Quality Report, NextGen QA, Cognitive QA.

Our Offerings
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