Our Digital Assurance & Testing Offerings - An Overview

Assure customer value and business performance in the digital enterprise.

Sogeti’s Digital  Assurance & Testing services assure you of increased customer value and achieving measurable business outcomes from both your  digital  transformation programs as well as the development and maintenance of your traditional core IT systems. 

Today’s successful enterprises are rapidly integrating innovative solutions and services on social, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things and Smart Devices to enhance the core business functions.  These digital technologies equip your enterprise with the tools to get closer to customers, empower your employees, and transform your internal business processes. Upgrading you legacy IT and integrating smart solutions enable you to become better, faster and deliver customer value through new business models faster than competition.

At Sogeti we know that effective quality validation of these digital integrations in core business functions is key to ensure that these developments and deployments deliver true customer value while business outcomes and corporate image are preserved and improved. And this digital quality validation needs to be faster, more efficient and outcome driven to ensure business success. 

Our Portfolio

Sogeti offers the following leading edge Digital Assurance and Testing solutions and services:

Our Commitment

These are the benefits and outcomes to which we commit:

  • >20% increase of test velocity
  • >30% reduced total cost of testing
  • <1.5% severe defects in production

Why Sogeti?

Let us point out some of our strengths that you will benefit from by collaborating with us:

  • World leading expertise & innovations in testing for more than 25 years
  • Distributed network of Test Delivery Centers, Digital Assurance Factories and Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence, both onshore, nearshore and offshore
  • Digital test automation frameworks and platforms enabling continuous test automation for agile/DevOps teams
  • Smart Digital Testing solutions for test operations, test environments and test data management
  • Flexible access to tools and devices for digital testing
  • Commitment to quality outcomes, quality cost efficiency and test velocity
  • Comprehensive service catalogue allowing as-a-service engagements as well as secure managed service models
  • More than 19,500 QA professionals

Our Offerings
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